Challenge and Solution

Project Name: MathsAlpha.

Project Scope: Personal Website Development based on Client-Provided UI Design.

The MathsAlpha project involved the successful development of a personal website based on a UI design provided by the client. The website serves as an online presence for MathsAlpha, a mathematics tutor in London, UK. The project was completed within the agreed duration of one month.

The website was populated with relevant content provided by MathsAlpha. This includes information about MathsAlpha’s tutoring services, qualifications, teaching approach, testimonials, and contact details. The content was integrated to accurately represent MathsAlpha’s personal brand and effectively communicate with potential clients.

Throughout the project, regular communication and collaboration with MathsAlpha ensured that their requirements and expectations were met. The completed personal website now serves as an effective platform for MathsAlpha to showcase their tutoring services and connect with potential clients in London, UK.

Project Information


Dharana Siriwarnage


London UK


June 2023


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