Challenge and Solution

Project Name: Senkada Recruitment

Project Challenge: Design and Develop Website

Duration: Two Weeks

Senkada Recruitment is a project focused on creating a website for a recruitment agency named Senkada. The challenge of the project involves both the design and development aspects of the website. The goal is to create an intuitive, user-friendly website that effectively showcases the agency’s services and helps connect job seekers with potential employers.

The project will be completed within a timeframe of two weeks, allowing for efficient planning, design iterations, development, and testing. Our team of experienced web developers will work closely with the client to understand their requirements and deliver a high-quality website that aligns with their branding and meets their objectives.

Throughout the two-week duration, we will ensure effective communication, timely updates, and collaboration with the client to ensure their satisfaction. Our expertise in web design and development will enable us to create a visually appealing and functional website that fulfills the specific needs of Senkada Recruitment.

Please note that the duration may vary depending on the complexity of the project, the availability of resources, and any additional features or customizations required.

Project Information


Salaka senkada Group


Union Place Colombo.


May 2023


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